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Having your garden landscaped can free up areas that were previously unusable. That may involve terracing the garden to provide a series of level areas, installing retaining walls to hold back higher ground or simply, re-leveling a lawn to provide a more useable and attractive space.


Landscaping can involve installing drainage, ponds and water features, raised beds, in fact all sorts of elements that involves restructuring the garden to better serve the purpose you intend for it.


We have over 30 years of knowledge at Acer Paving & Landscaping,. We've tackled many tricky gardens that require both skill and imagination to come up with a landscaping solution that's both effective and within budget.

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Garden landscaping

Landscaping materials are often the key element in any garden landscaping project. Choosing the right landscape materials will ensure the garden is both useable and durable.


Retaining walls for instance may be constructed from brickwork, blockwork, timber sleepers or gabions, ( to name a few ). Gabions, ( essentially metal cages ), have become more fashionable lately due to the large variety of materials they can be filled with, everything from stone, tile and brick to timber and glass ! Crib Lock timber walling systems can also provide a cost effective solution that can be planted if desired to soften the wall.


Planting areas often are part of garden remodeling. Providing raised beds for planting and vegetable growing for instance. It's often a good time to import new soil into the garden to provide the ideal growing medium.

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Visualising your garden landscape project, was something home owners traditionally struggled with. Traditional "CAD" style design plans, with their hard to decipher notations, symbols and levels made conveying the proposed layout to the client a difficult task. For professionals like ourselves, a quick study of a CAD style construction document brings up a mental image of what the proposed layout is intended to be. Now with the 3D visualisation designs of the kind we produce here at Acer, picturing a garden landscape plan is child's play !

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Landscaping machinery is often the key to a successful project. We regularly use a variety of excavators, ( all on rubber tracks ). If there is a large amount of soil to move around a dumper or skip loader is essential. Providing there's decent access, using the right machinery in a landscaping project can save loads of time and money.


We've tackled some rather difficult projects recently, where access was tricky. Coming up with innovative ways to deal with these gardens is often the key to a successful outcome. That may include using conveyor belts, micro machines, powered barrows and hoists, all of which will significantly reduce the time compared with doing things by hand.


Invite us to provide a free quotation and we will use our knowledge to advise the best solution for your garden.

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