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Acer paving & Landscaping offer a complete garden design and construction service and consider projects in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Worcestershire. We offer this service for clients wishing to maximise the use of their new garden as well as those planning to revitalise an existing plot. So whether you've purchased a new house with a blank canvas to deal with, or own a more mature garden that needs redesigning to reflect the way we use our gardens today, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Initial Site Visit

This meeting is Free within our normal area of operations. We will discuss your requirements and carry out a brief survey.


Design Process

We will prepare a scaled design of your garden together with the possible inclusion of 3D visualisations of any structures planned and photographic samples of the materials to be used.

Alterations can be carried out at this stage and are included in the cost of the design.


The cost of the design will be advised at or soon after the initial site visit, ( and before any design work is carried out ). we often offer a discount on the design cost, if we are awarded the build contract .


Garden Construction

We can supply you with a full written quotation for the construction of the garden or you can source your own contractors if you wish.


Design Drawings

We primarily use computer aided design programs to aid in the design of our gardens. We find the accuracy and efficiency of these programs provides the information required by the client and keeps the cost down. 3D visuals are used regularly where required.




That's an interesting question one we tackle in our initial contact with a new client.


We find people's needs fall into the following categories:


1. If the proposed garden project is straightforward and has few elements, we would suggest a design commission is probably not required.


2. If the proposed budget is less than 10k, it's unlikely a full design is needed, (some exceptions apply).


3. If some clarity is needed on perhaps the curve of a patio or the simple layout of various features within the garden, a sketch plan maybe all that's required. If so, we often do these for free and include them along with our quotation for the build.


4. IF HOWEVER, your budget exceeds 10k and the proposed garden has numerous elements within it that require or deserve some professional design input, you would be well advised to opt to have the garden professionally designed. Doing so will mean on a practical level that you will be able to visualise the new garden and will have greater consideration given to the materials used within the garden.

More than that you will be in effect paying for a Designer to commit many hours of time, (dependant on the project size), considering how best to fulfill your needs and use of the garden and all the elements to be used within it. This second element is perhaps the most important aspect of having a design completed for a garden and often the bit overlooked - sometimes it might be assumed the design process is mostly sitting down and "drawing" a plan whereas in reality, this is often the "easy bit" !!


IN SHORT - Don't be worried about approaching us about a possible design commission, we will only advise you to go this route if you need to !

Design Software


Most of our design work is prepared using 3D software, that we think enables our clients to visualise the proposed design with ease. 2D plans are produced along with 3D "camera shots" from varying angles, picking up key design details and features.


You will notice from the few examples on this page that the 3D output is invaluable when studying shadow patterns throughout the day and visualising the completed garden design within the context of its surroundings.

Garden design work examples

In this first project, we were asked to maximise the use of a "blank canvas" garden on this new-build property. The design, built around a large circular lawn included plenty of seating, a curved pergola walkway and plenty of room for planting - all with low maintenance in mind !

In this design we used 3D visualisations to convey the proposed layout of a new composite deck entertaining area, bordered with raised sleeper planting beds.

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Garden landscape design

These following images show the detail we aim to achieve in our garden designs, allowing the client to fully visualise their new garden with far greater accuracy than that archived by viewing simple plan views.

Garden landscape design Garden landscape design
Garden landscape design Garden landscape design

Next we have a garden design incorporating a circular patio feature with a radial pergola. Gardens with differing levels and structures planned within them are often far easier to visualise with the aid of the design service we provide.  For a small percentage of the project's cost, you can ensure the best use is made of your garden and the money you're investing in it.

Wiltshire garden designer

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